Friday, July 13, 2018

Mining & Mineral Processing Protective Coatings

Mining & Mineral Processing Protective Coatings
ArmorThane coating systems are used in mineral and mining processing plants around the globe. Our products save buildings, infrastructure, and equipment from corrosion, helping lengthen the lifetime and decrease maintenance needs.
ArmorThane coatings have been standard tested and verified to make sure you can take full advantage of top standard and durable corrosion protection, even in bad weather. We can coat and save most areas of mineral and mining processing plants, including:
•    Refineries and smelters
•    Primary processing
•    Shiploading and transport
•    Mining equipment
High standard safety
Spray coatings can be used with either perfect finish or a textured finish to decrease or promote resistance, sliding, slipping, or friction.
Maintenance alerts
This is achieved by applying two different color coatings making a visual maintenance alert. As an example, let's say you pick to do a base coat in topcoat of Black polyurethane and Caution Orange. As soon as the Caution Orange peaks via the black,  you will be alerted that it is time for a fast and straightforward maintenance spray.
Wall stability
A polyurethane spray foam can be used to reinforce rock solidity, stop small groundwater inflow, fix cracks, and better exposure to air. The spray can also seal vacated mine shaft openings.
Safe for all environment
Our big range of possessing and products permit applicators to spray in humid, hot climates or great cold. Once we know the extent of situations, we ensure the project will yield the highest performance.
Mining industry best spray coating products
Spray coatings made for mining and mineral processing need to give the highest security against friction and corrosive elements. We aim to permit you with our items to spread the life your equipment, thus saving you thousands in downtown and replacement costs.
Beyond equipment 
If secondary or primary containment is a fear, leaks are stopped by making a seamless membrane even when filled with waste, fuel or other caustic and corrosive liquids. These coatings will not teach into or soak up contained materials. Polyurethane spray foam is applied to fill cracks, reinforce rock stability, stopping little groundwater inflow and better ventilation controls. It even seals vacated mine shaft openings.
Best solutions for domestic needs
Our expert coatings for minerals and mining processing industries meet global industry standards.  Our product ranges contain top standard coatings for a simple-maintenance and new buildings coatings for specific atmosphere situations. In simple words, no issue what mineral you work with - from precious metals to coal - we have the best coating solutions for your requirements.

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